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How long have you been practicing calligraphy, and what inspired you to start?

I have been practicing calligraphy for over a decade now. My inspiration to start came from a desire to connect with my cultural roots and explore the artistic traditions of my homeland, Punjab, India. Calligraphy, with its beautiful strokes and expressive forms, felt like the perfect medium for me to express my creativity and pay homage to the rich heritage of writing arts.

What types of calligraphy styles do you specialize in, and can you provide examples of your work in each style?

I specialize in various calligraphy styles, including traditional scripts like Copperplate, Gothic, and Italic, as well as modern styles like Brush Lettering and Watercolor Calligraphy. Each style allows me to explore different aesthetics and artistic expressions. You can find examples of my work in these styles on my portfolio website.

Do you offer custom calligraphy services, and how can clients request personalized projects?

Yes, I offer custom calligraphy services, and I am more than happy to work on personalized projects for clients. Whether it’s wedding invitations, event signage, name cards, or special gifts, I can create bespoke calligraphy pieces tailored to each client’s preferences. Clients can reach out to me through the contact form on my portfolio website to discuss their requirements and get a quote.

Can you share any testimonials or reviews from previous clients who have commissioned your work?

Certainly! You can check some of the testimonials from my satisfied clients on about page.

Are you available for workshops or lessons, and if so, how can interested individuals or groups get in touch?

Yes, I love sharing my passion for calligraphy through workshops and lessons. Interested individuals or groups can contact me through the “Workshops” section on my portfolio website. I offer both in-person and online workshops, catering to beginners and those looking to improve their calligraphy skills further.

How do you handle shipping and delivery for commissioned pieces, and do you offer international shipping options?

For commissioned pieces, I take great care in packaging and ensuring that they are well-protected during transit. Shipping options are discussed with the client during the commissioning process, and I do offer international shipping for those outside my local region. The shipping costs and estimated delivery time will be provided to the client before finalizing the order.


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